by Stephen Whitney

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Heaven or Hell (1 of 6)
Series: Our Eternal Destiny
Stephen Whitney
Luke 16:19-31

It wasn't all that long ago that black holes existed only in the realm of theory. It was a space and mind-bending musing of Albert Einstein, who believed in the existence of objects in the universe so dense that even light could not escape them. After several decades scientists have become to accept that these exotic and powerful objects are not the stuff of science fiction.

Over the past ten years black holes have become a subject in
the world of astrophysics, leading to a flow of discoveries that
have begun to answer, or at least describe, some of their mysteries.
Recent discoveries include the likelihood that black holes, some as massive as a billion suns, exist at the center of all galaxies and may
have played a key role in forming them.

Christopher Reynolds, an astrophysicist and black hole researcher
with the University of Maryland said, "Black holes are extremely exotic beasts, objects where time stands still, where nothing inside can be seen. The fact that they actually exist remains amazing."

Even though the Hubble telescope lunched in 1990 has not preformed as well as expected, it has, according to NASA, provided further evidence of of black holes in space. Among
new space information provided by the telescope is the location
of a black hole 45 million light years from the earth, which is 100 light years in diameter. A light year is defined as six trillion miles.
The back hole is so large it is hard for our minds to grasp.

The scientific description of a black hole is that it is a gigantic vortex sucking everything within its influence into the center like
a whirpool. Within the black hole itself, gravity is so intense that nothing, not even light, can ever escape, and time stops as the temperatures within reach millions of degrees.

Jesus said that before his return man would be given signs on the earth and in the heavens. Maybe God ...

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