by Stephen Whitney

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Judgment Day (2 of 6)
Series: Our Eternal Destiny
Stephen Whitney
Revelation 20:11-15

Lou Procter called himself a baseball player, and the Baseball Encylopedia included him in page 1304, listed with everyone who played major league baseball. But he never played baseball at all.
He was a press-box telegraph operator in Cleveland who inserted his own name into a Boston Red Sox box score on May 13, 1912 as walking once as a pinch hitter for the St. Louis Browns.

Research in the 1980's revealed the truth that the batter was really
a St. Louis player named Pete Compton. When the next Baseball
Encylopedia is published his name will be removed because he
was an impostor who never played major league baseball.

Over two dozen impostors have been removed from the official
Baseball record because they never played the game, but some
how managed to get their name included in the record.

God is keeping a record book as well. In it he records the name
Of everyone who has confessed their sins and accepted Christ as
their personal Savior so their sins are forgiven. Only those whose
names are included in the Book of Life will be allowed to enter heaven. Because God knows the truth their will be no imposters.

Some people believe they can get their name in the Book of Life
by faithfully going to church or by giving to worthy causes or by
doing good to others or by being a good person, but those things
will not get them into heaven.

The only way to get your name in the Book of Life is to trust Jesus
Christ as your personal Savior so your sins have been forgiven.
Here are not many ways to heaven, there is only one way.

John 14:6 Jesus said, I am the way and the truth and the life.
No one comes to the Father except through me.

Jesus is the only way to know God, the truth about who God really is and the eternal life which comes from God.

Great not just in size, but great because of the issues of jud ...

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