by Stephen Whitney

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Heavenly City (4 of 6)
Series: Our Eternal Destiny
Stephen Whitney
Revelation 21:10-21

The diamond with its sparkle, the ruby with its shades of red, the sapphire with its shades of blue, the emerald with its shades of green and pearl with its silvery color are called precious stones because of their beauty, rarity and aesthetics. The color
plays a very important role in determining their value.

The Star of India, discovered over 300 years ago, is the largest sapphire in world. It is 563 carats and about 10 inches around.
What makes it so unique is that the fibers in the mineral reflect the incoming light in the pattern of a star as you look at it.

The Delong Star Ruby is rich red in color with a white star which
covers the whole stone. It is 100 carats and about 2 inches around.

The Hope Diamond, discovered in India over 300 years ago, is deep blue in color because of the small amounts of boron within it. It is 45 carats and about 1 inch around.

In 1668 it was sold to King Louis XIV of France who had the court
Jeweler cut a 67 carat stone set in gold and suspended on a ribbon for the king to wear on ceremonial occasions. When Louis XVI became king he gave the diamond to Marie Antoinette. During the
French Revolution while they were in prison the diamond was stolen from the house used to store the crown jewels.

In 1812 it was in the possession of a London diamond merchant the Hope Diamond was cut from the larger French Blue Diamond.

Even though we have some beautiful precious stones here on earth they are nothing compared to what heaven will be like. We cannot
really comprehend the glory, beauty and splendor of heaven.

William Secker and English pastor in the late 1600's said,
"There is no more comparison to be made between heaven and earth than there is between a piece of rusty iron and refined gold."


John is taken by his Spirit to a high mountain so he is able to see
he New Jerusalem ...

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