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The Temple of Power (1 of 4)
Series: The Temple Of Power
Jeff Strite
1 Corinthians 3:16

OPEN: A man was stranded on a deserted Pacific island for years. But one day he saw a boat coming into sight, and he waved frantically … eventually he caught the skipper's attention. The boat came near the island and the sailor got out and greeted the stranded man.
They talked for a bit… and as they talked the sailor couldn't help notice there were 3 huts on the beach. After a while the sailor asked, "What are those three huts you have here?"
"Well, that's my house there." Replied the stranded man
"What's that next hut?" asks the sailor.
"I built that hut to be my church."
"Oh, ok… but what about the other hut?"
"Oh, that's where I used to go to church."

APPLY: Now that man had had problems in his first church and his solution was to build another church on the beach to worship in. HOWEVER the only person on the island was HIM!

Now, of course, that's a silly made up story… but it perfectly illustrates a point someone else made in a poem they wrote:

If you want to have the kind of church like the kind of church you like,
You needn't put your clothes in a bag and start a long, long hike,
You'll only find what you left behind, for there's nothing really new,
It's a knock at yourself when you knock your church; because it ain't the church, it's you.

I. The church at Corinth had a problem
They were a group of people who seemingly argued with each other about just about everything
• They argued over food at their potluck dinners
• They argued over who was baptized by who
• They argued over who had the best spiritual gifts.
• They argued about church discipline
• And on…and on… and on…
A church like that would drive me nuts!!!

ILLUS: I once preached about the church at Corinth, and I told my audience that if I had lived in that day I'd have taken my family ANYWHERE OTHER than to that congregation's church building. I wouldn't have gone to their chur ...

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