by Jerry Watts

From the Guttermost to the Uttermost
Jerry Watts
Luke 5:27-32

• Evangelist Len Turner tells the story of being asked to speak at a large assisted living facility in Alabama. Just before the service of over 500 attendees began, they rolled into the room a sweet lady and placed her down front. As the service began this lovely lady became very animated as she was raising and waving her hand in worship of the Lord. As the Quartet sang, this lady talked back them. When Bro. Len stood and began to preach, she continued to talk back to him saying things like, 'that's right', 'listen to this sweet boy', and more. Finally Bro. Len decided to converse directly with this older saint. To her he said, "You seem to be having a good time today." "Yes sir I am," was her quick response. He continued, "You seem to really have a deep love for the Lord." "Oh I do," she answered. Then Bro. Len said, "Ma'am do you know who I am?" She said, "No honey I don't, but if you'll go down the hall to the front desk, they have a nice lady there who can tell you who you are."
• Sometimes I feel like we, as believers, don't really know who we are because we have forgotten who we were, and in a divine sense, who brought us this far.
• Some see the title of this message and immediately the term 'guttermost' strikes them wrong because they are 'too good' to have ever been in the gutter. Yet, a life without Christ is a life in the gutter. You may have lots of money, fame, popularity, or even influence, and at the end of the day, without Christ you'll find yourself lacking. Let's learn from one man's story and see if it will serve burn in our hearts. (Read text)
• Jesus finds Levi (Matthew) living his normal life and knows that this man can be more than he is. Watch how Jesus takes him from fishing for money to fishing for men. It is all found in these verses and tells us how we can follow in his steps.
1. The Conversion - This is a great way to begin, in fact, it is the only pl ...

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