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The True Seed of Abraham (3 of 4)
Series: 3:16 and Jesus
Jeff Strite
Galatians 3:1-18

OPEN: In my files I have list of some unusual laws:
• In Birmingham, Alabama, it is illegal to drive a car while blindfolded.
• In Detroit it's unlawful to tie a crocodile to a fire hydrant.
• Natchez, Mississippi has a law that forbids giving an elephant beer to drink.
• And if you tie your elephant to a parking meter in Orlando, Florida, you have to feed the meter just as if the elephant were a car.
• Barbers in Waterloo, Nebraska, aren't permitted to eat onions between 7a.m. and 7p.m.
• In Hartford, Connecticut, transporting a cadaver by taxi is punishable by a $5 fine

APPLY: Those are fairly bizarre laws. But at one time, they probably made sense. I suspect someone had tried to drive a car blindfolded in Birmingham, and someone else had tied their crocodile to a fire hydrant in Detroit Michigan. And the courts realized it wasn't against the law to do stuff like that… so somebody had to write a law.
And to this day those archaic and out of date laws are on the books in those states

I. In the days of the early church, there was a problem.
For the first few years of the church's existence, the only Christians were Jews.
Jews were those who were physically descended from the tribe of Judah of the nation of Israel - and were people who zealously abided by the laws of Moses.

These Jewish Christians had been raised under the Old Testament law. All their lives they had attempted to obey the laws of Moses. They had kept the feast days. They bro't offerings to the temple. They had offered blood sacrifices at the altar.… But then Jesus came into their lives and all those laws suddenly became useless.
No longer were they expected to keep the feast days. No longer were they required to bring offerings to the temple or offer blood sacrifices at the altar.

Jesus had come to fulfill the law
Jesus died to replace the offerings and sacrifices that had once been r ...

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