by Thomas Swope

God's Help in Difficult Times
Thomas Swope
1 Kings 17

I am getting tired of watching television. I mean I use to be a TVaholic. Now the movies are lousy. The programs stink. And the News! They are keeping us in the dark relative to key news and feeding us worthless information. I am sick and tired of hearing about which new celebrity is going to a rehab clinic. If it weren't for the sports programs I would throw the thing out. It use to be in the old days that false prophets would just lie and say everything is great instead of warning the people of upcoming judgment. Now the media just keeps everybody in the dark as to that's happening.

Here are a few things that I have discovered just from other news sources that are about to happen and will impact you greatly. See if you know any information about them.

The Economy

The economic stimulus package stuffed with pork barrel handouts to a tune of 11 Trillion dollars was passed. All the representatives were pressured to pass the bill without even reading it in order to keep unemployment under 8%. It isn't working. Unemplloyment is now nearing 10%. Our elected leaders are now considering another stimulus plan.

Cap n trade - this bill is currently before congress. It deals with punishing those manufacturers who emit toxic gases into the air. If passed it will increase every ones energy bills, as companies will merely pass on their fines to the consumers

A national health care bill is also being heavily promoted. It will cost Americans an additional 1 trillion dollars. Everyone's taxes will go up at least $2000 for low income families.

The US must borrow money from foreign countries just to pay the interest on the national debt. The principal owner of our Treasury bills is China. They are getting a little skittish of investing in America. When our Secretary of Treasury recently met with Chinese officials to encourage them to invest in US Treasury notes and that the US is good to invest in, the ent ...

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