by Stan Coffey

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Why Doesn't God Heal All Sickness? (2 of 8)
Series: When We Wonder Why?
Dr. Stan Coffey
1 Corinthians 2:3

Let's go to the Lord in prayer as we begin. Father, thank you for the grace you give us for every situation in life. And Father today I know that this lesson strikes a chord with every person; for every person knows illness or sickness in their own body and in their family. So we pray that you will guide and direct us and glorify the Lord Jesus. Father, I pray that you will help us to make up the time that this lesson might be taught just as you would have it taught in Christ's name. Amen.

Alright, if you will turn please to James Chapter 5........ We will begin with that in just a moment. Today we want to talk about why doesn't God heal all sickness. ........... and pastors today dealing with the subject of sickness and healing.

There are two or three different approaches that you will hear. First, there is the approach that God no longer heals miraculously. Jesus healed miraculously in His ministry but that time is over and gone and so we cannot expect God to heal in that way anymore.

Then there are those who take the opposite extreme and they say that it is never God's will for someone to be sick and if you are ill it is because of lack of faith on your part or lack of faith on the part of others and so I call that the faith approach. It says if you have the faith, you can always be healed.

Of course, if you take that approach to the extreme, then no one would ever die physically because all of us, who die, die because of the deterioration of the body and some part of our body no longer functions as it should and we get ill and eventually we die.

I think both of these approaches to illness are extreme. First because I know that God heals miraculously today. I know there are times when I have seen God heal and answer the prayer.

He has healed conditions in people that were beyond the doctor's ability to heal and when the doctor sai ...

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