by Stan Coffey

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Why Do Bad Things Happen When I'm Trying My Hardest to Live Right? (8 of 8)
Series: When We Wonder Why?
Dr. Stan Coffey
Isaiah 50:10

I. When Bad Things Happen, Don't Demand To Understand It All
II. When Bad Things Happen, Don't Fail To Be Faithful
III. When Bad Things Happen, Don't Bow To Bitterness
IV. When Bad Things Happen, Don't Try To Rush God

Let's go to the Lord for a moment of prayer and then we want to begin today's lesson, the last in the series.

Dear Father, I'm keenly aware that there are many needs here this morning. Father in the midst of all the commercialization of Christmas, there are those who are hurting, there are those who really need to be refreshed in their hearts and minds that Christmas means that God is with us, not only when things are going as we want them to go but also when we are going through tough times and Father there are many here this morning who are going those times. I just lift them up and I pray you will comfort them, strengthen them, minister to them through the word today. In Christ's name we pray, Amen.

I want to invite your attention to Genesis Chapter 39 and we will also look at Isaiah Chapter 50 in just a moment but we want to begin in Genesis Chapter 39.

Today's title is Why Do Bad things Happen When I'm Trying Hardest To Live Right? I have been asked this question over and over and over again.

People tend to think and it seems to make sense to the human mind that if you try to do what is right particularly if you have been doing what is wrong and then you make a change in your life and you try to do what is right or even if you have served the Lord a long time and you have always done what's right maybe for many, many years and just when you are trying your hardest to be obedient it just seems that the roof caves in on your head, your business caves in or your marriage is in trouble or your children are having difficulties or some other thing happens in your life, you lose a loved one whe ...

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