by Rex Yancey

The Invitation To Cleansing
Rex Yancey
Isaiah 1:1-18

Isaiah, the son of Amoz, was the author of Isaiah. He was a Judean prophet to the nation of Judah. He was fearless and passionate in his preaching. He preached what God revealed to him. He preached around 750 B.C.
-There are 66 chapters in this book. The first 39 chapters deal with the Law and God's judgment on his people. The last 27 chapters are a message of Divine grace and comfort.
How many books in the Bible? There are 66; 39 in the Old Testament and 27 in the New Testament. Isaiah is a kind of Bible all in itself.
Think about this: No OT book gives such a full picture of Jesus Christ! We see his birth, 7:14; the ministry of John the Baptist, 40:3-6; Christ anointed by the Spirit, 62:1-2; Christ the servant, 42:1-4; Israel's rejection of Christ, 6:9-11; the stone of stumbling, 8:14; Christ's ministry to the Gentiles, 49:6; Christ's suffering and death, Isaiah 52:13-53:12; His resurrection, 55:3; He is seen as the Coming King in 9:6-7.
Isaiah lived in a very turbulent time in Judah's history. It was a time of material prosperity, sinful indulgence, heathen teachings, idol worship, and spiritual deadness. The worship was empty and boring.
Politically it was a time of great pressure, danger, and fear. Assyria, Babylon, and Persia were strong. Little nations like Judah and Israel had to depend on alliances and treaties.
The people were guilty of ingratitude and indifference. It was a time of iniquity, crookedness and evil living. They worshipped, offered sacrifices, observed days and sang praises. However, their worship was hypocritical and insincere.
-God said he would refuse to answer their prayers. He offered cleansing and forgiveness if they would repent and obey. He grieved over what sin had done for His people. A small remnant of faithful Jews is all that held the nation together.
¬-Did any nation come to mind as you heard this list? They had been blessed. They should have sought to ...

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