by Jerry Watts

Facing Your Giants
Jerry Watts
1 Samuel 17

- One of the most familiar stories in all of God's word is the story of David and Goliath. It is a story we tell our children to help them stand up to those who oppose them. Sadly, we seem to have relegated this story to a children's story when the lessons and applications are far-reaching.

- Let's consider some of the truths we can discover in this story. Instead of reading the chapter - we'll simply lift out some truths which will help us in our daily Christian walk. There is one truth which we need to know, embrace, and understand; AS A CHILD OF GOD, YOU HAVE AN ENEMY! The enemy which we war against, while he may manifest himself in a person, is NOT flesh and blood. (Eph 6:12) In other words, our enemy is the same one which attacked Jesus in Matthew 4; it is the ruler, the authority, the world power of darkness, and the spiritual forces of evil. Simply put, Satan is our enemy. He is our THE giant in our lives. Now, he may use a person, he may use a physical condition, and he may even use our own weakness; but he will use it to the max.

- The question is ''how can we overcome our adversaries, the enemy, and the giants who come against us.

1. A Perspective on our adversaries (The Giants) - Never under-estimate the power of the enemy. It would seem that the only thing God does which the enemy cannot duplicate is our salvation. In our salvation we gain the Holy Spirit who leads, protects, and empowers us. If we don't have the Holy Spirit, we are not saved (according to the Bible).
a. They will come! - Make no mistakes the enemy will show up in our lives. Part of problem for many believers' today flows from the fact that they do not expect opposition. Too many of us have seem to have come to the unspoken conclusion that ''the world revolves around me so, everything should be done like I want it done.'' The harsh is that the world does not revolve around us, no one really cares HOW we want things done, and ...

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