by Ken Trivette

Bringing down the Giant
Ken Trivette
1 Samuel 17


1. Fought on God's Side

a) No Indecision
b) No Indifference

2. Fought in God's Strength

a) A Distinct Contrast That Was Seen
b) A Deep Confidence That Was Stated

3. Fought for God's Standing

a) The Humility David Showed to the Lord
b) The Honor David Sought for the Lord

1. As a child you may have become familiar with the lines:

''Fee, fi, fo, fum!''
I smell the blood of an Englishman!
Be he alive or be he dead,
I'll grind his bones to make me bread.''

2. The lines come from the fairy tale ''Jack the Giant Killer.'' The story begins with the words, ''When King Arthur reigned, there lived near the Land's End of England, in the county of Cornwall, a farmer who had one only son called Jack. He was brisk and of a ready lively wit, so that nobody or nothing could worse him.''

2. The story opens with a description of a huge giant named Comoran who kept the Mount of Cornwall. He was eighteen feet in height, about three yards around the waist, and was the terror of all the neighboring towns and villages. He had terrorized the people for so long all of Cornwall was in despair.

3. One day Jack overheard the magistrates of the town discussing what to do about the giant. Jack speaks up and asks, ''What reward will be given to the man who kills Cormoran?'' He is told the reward would be the giant's treasure to which young Jack says, ''Then let me undertake it.'' Jack would kill the giant and other giants who would come for him, earning him the name ''Jack the Giant Killer.''

4. I want us to think about another giant killer. His name is David. His story is not a fable or fairy tale, but a true story, one delightfully preserved in God's precious Word. The story of David the giant killer is one that not only that fascinates and hold's spellbound children in Sunday school, but also contains blessed truths that every Christian should learn.

5. In an old edition of the Prairie ...

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