by Jerry Watts

Righting the Skewed View of Jesus
Jerry Watts
John 14:6

• It has been said that we tend to make God in our own image. I submit nowhere is this truer than is seen in our concept of the man Jesus was and is. Sad to say, most people's concepts are formed only by parents, pastors, and pre-conception; few are formed from a diligent search of the scripture. For when we search the scriptures, we discover Jesus to be a markedly different individual than the picture our preconceptions paint.
• Having a proper, correct, or right view of Jesus is essential if we are to become like Him in our every step.
• In our text, Jesus is describing Himself as a unique person. He is not "ONE" of the ways or "SOME" of the truths or "A" giver of life, He is "THE" unique and only one. But how did this play out in everyday life? What are some defining attributes that we can get our hands around and emulate? Please consider these;
1. Jesus is Tender - Admittedly, this is the one attribute which almost everyone ascribes to Jesus, probably because of His lowly birth.
• We see Him very tender with Children (Mark 10). When the disciples said 'Send them away', Jesus said, "Let them come - for such is the Kingdom, and unless you come like they do, you can't come."
• He was very tender with those who came to Him for help, healing, and hope. Matthew 8 and 9 gives us several accounts of Jesus' response to those who sought Him out. The leper came and Jesus (doing what He was never supposed to do) reach out and touched the leper. Peter's mother in law was healed from a fever with a gentle touch!! The list goes on and on.
• He was tender with those were lost (Matthew 23:37-39). With a tender broken spirit He wept over the entire city of Jerusalem. Very little touches the heart of Christ like lostness.
• Jesus was indeed a tender man. My dad was a tough and strong man. For over 30 years, he climbed poles with hooks and a belt. His forearms were always powerful (which served ...

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