by Stephen Whitney

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A Simple Birth (3 of 21)
Series: Jesus Our Savior - Gospel of Luke
Stephen Whitney
Luke 2:1-7

In 1809 people were anxiously waiting for the latest news of Napoleon's battles as he swept across Austria. Everyone's thoughts were about Watterloo and what Napoleon would do next. The dictataor of France was the talk of all of Europe, everything else seemed to be insignificant.

While Napoleon fought battles babies were being born, but people's minds were thinking about battles and not about babies.
The birth of babies seemed insignificant compared to the news about the war. Some of the seemly insignificant babies who were born became significant men in the history of the world.

In 1809 William Gladstone was born in Liverpool, England and became the famous British statesman and Prime Minister four
times during the late 1800's.

Alfred Tennyson was born in Lincolnshire, England and became a famous English poet who was appointed as an officer of the royal household.

In Hamburg, German Felix Mendelssohn was born and in Warsaw, Poland Frederic Chopin was born. Both became great musical composers and their contributions are still played today.

In Cambridge, Massachusetts Oliver Wendell Holmes was born and became a great writer and physician.

In England Charles Darwin was born and became a scientist who wrote, Origin of the Species and began the theory of evolution.

In Hodgenville, Kentucky in a rugged log cabin to an illiterate farmer a little boy was born and his parents named him Abraham Lincoln. He became the 16th President of the United States and
gave freedom to those bound by slavery.

We see what is happening in the world around us, but we don't see that behind the scenes God is working out his plan for the world.
The hand of God is not only over history, his hand controls it.


Decree Given :1-2
Caesar Augustus was Gaius Octavian, the grandnephew of Julius Caesar. He distinguished ...

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