by Stephen Whitney

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Scripture Fulfilled (7 of 21)
Series: Jesus Our Savior - Gospel of Luke
Stephen Whitney
Luke 4:14-21

Few people had ever hear of fashion model Marla Hanson before June 1986. She wash distinguished mostly by her height - 5 feet
4 inches, too short for most agencies, her age - 24 which was a bit
too old, and her classically beautiful face.

On June 5th she was attacked by a man with a razor and her face was cut so badly that she needed more than 100 stitches - and her photo was suddenly on the front pages of the New York tabloids.

The attack made her more famous than modeling was ever going to and also made it doubtful that she would ever be able to model again. At the time her long range prognosis was uncertain - because scars like hers don't just disappear and she would not
be able to begin plastic surgery for a year - but her healing process had already started when in an interview she said, "Everybody
has scars, mind show; most people carry theirs inside."

We all have scars in our life from hurts we have experienced - some are physical, others are emotional while others are spiritual.
Physical - abuse, illness, lingering problem, sickness, surgery.
Emotional - control, manipulation, rejection.
Spiritual - sinful habit, disobedience, false teaching.

Tucked away in a quiet corner of every life are emotional scars,
personal heartaches or spiritual wounds which we carry with us.
Some are the result of past sins or failures while others are because of personal disappointments or rejection.

Haddon Robinson, a preaching professor, described the hurt we experience and the pain we feel in our lives when he said,
"People are caught on the barbed wire of life."

Jesus came to heal us from the scars we experience in life.
Accepting his healing is the result of receiving forgiveness for sin.
True healing begins spiritually when we are made right with Christ

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His custom was that he went to the synagogue ev ...

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