by Stephen Whitney

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Grief Over Unbelief (10 of 21)
Series: Jesus Our Savior - Gospel of Luke
Stephen Whitney
Luke 13:31-35

Henry was just 17 when his father died and he began to reign as King Henry VIII . Honoring his father's dying request, he married his brother's widow, Catherine of Aragon, maintaining the alliance between England and Spain. Two weeks after their wedding in 1509, they were crowned king and queen of England.

As he grew older, his preoccupation with his lack of a male heir grew as well. Catherine bore him six children, but only one, Mary Tudor, survived infancy. To Henry, it was unthinkable that a girl would succeed him. This became especially frustrating for him ten years after his marriage when his mistress Elizabeth bore him a son who was not able to succeed him because he was illegitimate.

When Catherine turned 40, fifteen years after their marriage, it was obvious to Henry that she would never bear him a son. A year later he fell in love with Ann Boleyn, the 15 year-old younger sister of an earlier mistress. The cardinal tried to arrange a divorce for Catherine through the Pope, but the issue dragged on for years.

Finally, Henry took things into his own hands and in a direct challenge to the authority of the Pope made himself the head of
the church of England. He appointed his own archbishop over
the church which he controlled, but didn't change the doctrines.

Hugh Latimer was appointed by the archbishop as chaplain to the king. He was a courageous preacher who also chastised the king for stabling his horses in abbeys which have ordained for the poor.

One time when Latimer was preaching in Westminster Abby he looked out and saw that King Henry was in the congregation.
He said t himself Latimer! Latimer! Be careful what you say,
the King of England is here. Then he thought for a moment and
said to himself, Latimer! Latimer! The King of Kings is here.

Who determines what you say or what you do? We can be greatly infl ...

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