by Stephen Whitney

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Difficult Prayer (14 of 21)
Series: Jesus Our Savior - Gospel of Luke
Stephen Whitney
Luke 22:39-44

Politicians are often the brunt of jokes because they are seen as dishonest and untrustworthy. That is seen in the statement: You don't have to fool all of the people all the time, you just have to fool them enough to get elected.

Will Rogers the American humorist said it this way: ''Honesty is not an issue in politics it's a miracle.''

The statement: ''Politics and religion make strange bedfellows'' is true because politics is full of corruption and deceit while religion is supposed to be honest and sincere.

In the 1988 Presidential election Vice President George Bush was running for the Republican nomination. Pat Robertson, founder of Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) and the host of the 700 Club a charismatic Christian TV Club, announced that he was waiting for a ''signal form God'' to decide whether to seek the Republican nomination for President. But news reports said that he had already surrounded himself with all the trappings of a modern political campaign.

He didn't really need a ''signal from God'' because he had already made up his mind to run for President. Sometimes when we pray We ask God to give us guidance and wisdom about what to do, but in our hearts we have already made up our mind. What we really want God to do is to bless the plans we have already made.

Is prayer getting God to do what we want as if he were some kind of Santa who is gives us things to make us happy or is prayer getting us to do God's will on earth as it is done in heaven?

True prayer is making your requests known to God and expressing your dependence on him to work out his will in your life. It is seeking God's guidance as you depend upon his providence. The purpose of prayer is that I connect my will with God's will not that I get God to do what I want him to do for me. ENCOURAGED TO PRAY :39-40

Certain Place :39 Mount of Olives was just two m ...

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