by Stephen Whitney

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Kangaroo Court (16 of 21)
Series: Jesus Our Savior - Gospel of Luke
Stephen Whitney
Luke 22:66-23:12

On November 10, 1997 John Keys and a group of 150 students from Liberty University went to E.G. Glass High School before
the start of the school day. They prayed, sang, distributed gospel tracts and talked with students about alternatives to abortion.

When 45 police officers showed up and asked the group to leave, they promptly left the school grounds without any altercation or incident. Because of the way the students conducted themselves no citations were issued or arrests made for their gathering.

However, an obscure and little used legal maneuver permitted
prosecutors to obtain a three-count grand jury indictment against
John Keys the leader of the group. He was acquitted of failure to obtain a permit and disorderly conduct, but was found guilty of
trespassing on school property.

Judge Richard Miller sentenced John Keys to six months in jail for trespassing even though the officers at the scene said John and the other demonstrators left when told to do so. Prosecutors said the conviction would send a "message" to future protestors. John's
defense attorney said that the harsh sentence for simple trespass was unprecedented.

Court records show that Judge Miller has allowed people convicted of grand larceny, cocaine possession and assault to avoid jail time.
Others convicted of hit and run and felony escape received only
three months of jail time from Judge Miller.

One attorney said, "It appears that Judge Miller regards preaching the gospel to high school students to be a greater offense than the possession of cocaine."

Prejudice leads to injustice because we have already determined they are guilty before we even hear what they have to say about it.
When we are bias against someone we have already judged them.

1. If we don't like a certain style of clothes then we judge the person by giving them a label suc ...

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