by Stephen Whitney

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Well Done (8 of 8)
Series: John the Baptist
Stephen Whitney
Luke 7:24-28

Since March of 1923 week after week Time Magazine has captured history as it has taken place around the world. For Time, history is not just about events which take place, but it is also about the people who create that history. Time decided that once a year they
would give us the "Man of the Year" the person who, for better or
worse, had the most influence on the course of history over the
past year.

From their "Man of the Year" lists they have put together a book
titled Great People of the 20th Century. These are people who
because of what they have done or accomplished are considered
great in their area of influence around the world.

The book lists the following outstanding people who have each
contributed in a significant way to their individual field:
Computers - Bill Gates
Generals - Douglas Mac Arthur
Inventors - Henry Ford
Entertainment - Walt Disney
Scientist - Albert Einstein
President - Franklin Roosevelt
Preacher - Billy Graham
Writer - Leo Tolstoy

Greatness could be divided into two categories:
Earthly greatness as recognized by man around the world.
Spiritual greatness as recognized by God in heaven.

Usually spiritual greatness is not recognized by man because
because their eyes are blinded to the spiritual things and they
don't see what God is doing in the world.

Jesus recognized spiritual greatness in people. An example is
the Roman centurion in 7:6-8 who believed Jesus had the authority to heal his son just by speaking a word that he would be healed.
Jesus was amazed at his faith and commended him for it in :9.

Another person who Jesus praised for his spiritual greatness was
John the Baptist because of his character which revealed how he lived and his ministry which touched the lives of other people.

Spiritual greatness is revealed in our character and our ministry.

HIS CHARACTER - Unique :24-25

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