by Stephen Whitney

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Developing Simplicity (5 of 5)
Series: Intimacy with the Almighty
Stephen Whitney
Mathew 6:33

Peter Marshall was a Scottish immigrant who came to America
because he believed God was calling him to become a Presbyterian minister. After pastoring several churches, including the large New York Avenue Presbyterian Church in Washington, DC he went on to become the Chaplain of the U.S. Senate.

When he arrived on April 5, 1927 at Ellis Island off New York City with just enough money in his worn brown leather billfold to last twoweeks. He kept this particular wallet afterward as a souvenir of the months that followed as he trusted God to provide for his needs.

Indeed, it became a symbol of the next big lesson that God wanted to teach him. The day he landed, his wallet contained: three clipping of soccer games in which he had been goalkeeper, a few calling cards, two postcards of Scottish Highland scenery and
various letters of recommendation.

While living in Birmingham, AL and working for the local newspaper for $17 a week he felt called to go to Columbia Seminary in Decatur, GA. The train trip cost $6 but Peter never did have an extra $6 to even make the trip. He told some of his co-workers, "Well, that's the Lord's business. He sent me to this country to enter the ministry and it's his affair how He's going to get me there. All I have to do is to obey. He'll tend to the rest."

Peter was a man who lived simply to fulfill God's will for his life.
For him life was not about success or possessions, but about God.

For many people their pocketbook represents their success because they value their life on how well they have done financially or materially. The result is that people become controlled by how much money we make because they always want more than they have already.
If we are really going to develop Intimacy with the Almighty we have to let go of our own desire for more things and develop a simplicity of heart where our focus on G ...

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