by Stephen Whitney

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Complete Healing (4 of 10)
Series: Incredible Moments with Christ
Stephen Whitney
Mark 2:1-12

In July 1989 Janet Culver set out on a cruse from Bermuda on a perfect sailing day with Nick the man she hoped to marry. Four days later their 37 foot sail boat foundered, leaving them to drift helpless in a tiny dinghy.

After 10 days, often battling 16-foot waves, hunger, thirst and becoming delirious Nick drowned himself - but Janet would not give up. For the next four days she battled on to stay alive. Her sores were getting real bad, they were all open and swollen and very painful. When she left she had been 130 pounds but now she was a puny, bony creature just laying in the bottom of the raft.

When she was finally rescued by a passing ship she said, ''Each day I stayed alive was another chance to be rescued. Something deep inside me told me to hang on one more day, one more day.''

Sometimes we find ourselves in situation in which we feel that we are just hanging on to life one day at a time not knowing if we will survive to see tomorrow, but hoping that tomorrow something will happen that will change our circumstances.

Things happen in our lives over which we feel helpless: Physically - cancer or heart disease, or arthritis. Emotionally - scars or wounds because we have been hurt. Spiritually - guilt because our sins need to be forgiven.

There is nothing worse than feeling helpless because you can't see any way out of the situation and there seems to be no end in sight. That attitude leads to hopelessness and despair so you just live out your days with no real purpose or meaning - you just exist.


Jesus has become a popular figure because he has healed so many people that wherever he goes crowds follow to hear and see him. 1:33 after Jesus healed Peter's mother-in-law the whole town gathered at the door of the house.

Compassion for their friend :3 We don't know how many years he has not been able to walk. It mi ...

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