by Stephen Whitney

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Walk or Swim (10 of 10)
Series: Incredible Moments with Christ
Stephen Whitney
Matthew 14:22-33

The novel Robinson Crusoe written in 1719 is sometimes regarded as the first English novel. It is the story about the 28 years he lived all alone on an un-inhabited island after a shipwreck in which everyone else perished.

Rejecting his father's pleas, Crusoe left home in search of wealth and adventure. His life was one of recklessness and godlessness
until after a terrible storm at sea he finds himself stranded on a
deserted island in the Caribbean. He manages to fetch arms, tools and other supplies from the ship. He then proceeds to build himself a fenced-in place to live. He keeps a calendar by making marks in a piece of wood, hunts, grows corn, learns how to make
pottery and raises goats.

One of the effects he found on the ship along with the supplies was a Bible which he begins to read and slowly becomes believer in Christ. He becomes a devote, hard-working Christian even though
he is missing any human companionship. As time goes on his faith
continues to grow.

But one day Crusoe found a footprint in the sand, and he suddenly realized that he was not alone on the island. Knowing the fierce,
cannibalistic practices of the native tribes, he grew into a fearful man. He looked over his shoulder with every step. He no longer
slept peacefully. He altered his habits and patterns so he wouldn't be caught. He visualized himself being captured, boiled and eaten.

He wrote about his fear, "Thus my fear banished all my religious hope. All that former confidence in God, which was founded upon such wonderful experience as I had had of His goodness, now vanished, as if He that had fed me by miracle hitherto could not preserve, by His power, the provision which He had made for me by His goodness . . .

Fear about what might happen to us has a way of making us so afraid that we become paralyzed so that we can't do anything.

Old ago the ...

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