by Stephen Whitney

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The Comfort Of God's Power (5 of 5)
Series: Greatness of God
Stephen Whitney
Isaiah 40:27-31

On Friday March 11, 2011 the fifth largest earthquake, measuring 8.9 on the Rector scale,rocked the nation of Japan for five minutes.
In the city of Sendai just 80 miles from the epicenter of the quake,
A massive tsunami, over a 20 foot wall of water, destroyed whole sections of the city of over a million people.

Satako Yusawa, 69 years-old, said she has felt many earthquakes
but never anything like what hit of Friday afternoon. "I was having tea at a friend's house when the quake hit. We were desperately trying to hold the furniture up, but the shaking was so fierce that we just panicked," she said.

She said her son had just borrowed a large amount of money to build a house, and the family moved in on Friday, February 11
one month before the earthquake. Luckily, he was out of town when the quake and tsunami hit, but on Saturday they couldn't
find the house, or even where it used to stand because everything was swept away by the wall of water which came over the town.
Yusawa broke into tears as she looked out over the devastation.
Everything they owned was destroyed. "This is life," she said.

Bad things can cause us to feel that God has not protected us.


Jacob was the father of the 12 sons whose families became the 12 tribes that made up the nation of Israel. Jacob was the name given to him by his father Isaac and Israel was the name given to him by God, so both names are used for the nation of Israel in the OT.

My way is hidden from the Lord because they felt that God did not care about their problems as he used to do in the past when he provided for their needs and protected them from their enemies.

My right is disregarded by my God because they felt they were being unfairly oppressed and taken advantage of but God was
not doing anything to make things right.

Don't misunderstand the silence of God about ...

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