by Jerry Watts

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The Message of Christmas (3 of 3)
Series: The Signs of the Times
Jerry Watts
Galatians 4:4-7

• The message of Christmas (today) seems to be vague at best and veiled at worst. While we 'say' that we are celebrating the birthday of Jesus, when it comes to the DAY, what do we do? Does the birthday boy even get a birthday cake or has Christmas day become a family celebration with toys, gifts, and the like. Please understand there is nothing wrong with family celebration (toys, gifts) as these are desperately needed. These become an issue when we allow the 'trappings' of Christmas to replace the 'truth' of Christmas.
• Among believers, we need to set the bar high as this culture needs to see truth, divine truth, and eternal truth. The only way this lost culture will see truth is through the daily lives of us. There is no truth more needed than the real, authentic, and genuine message of Christmas. (Let's read our text).
• Think with me about the end of our video (USED: "The Living Nativity.") The first time I watch this, I didn't make it to the end of the video. The entire silliness of the video is bearable when we hear the 'payoff' line. The Dad said, "I couldn't do it. If I were God, the world would be out of luck."
• But thankfully God's is above every one of us. In one sentence, we can hear THE MESSAGE of Christmas:
"God sent His Son Jesus to Redeem, To Reclaim, and To Restore"
• Let's take this message and unpack our scripture to see how true this is and how it related to you.
• GOD - Galatians 4 begins with this one word, one truth, and one God. He is the only wise, true, and holy God. The first chapter of the Bible begins with "In the beginning God" and the last Chapter points us and calls us to Him through Jesus. One of the most missed truths in this world is that everything begins with God. We learn from Job 1 that even when Satan chooses to test and try God's people, He has to gain God's permission. Had God said 'no', Satan would hav ...

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