by Jerry Watts

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The Man of Christmas (2 of 3)
Series: The Signs of the Times
Jerry Watts
Matthew 1:18-23

• In 1927, Time magazine editors were faced with a 'slow news week' and began thinking about possible newsworthy stories to revisit (to avoid the embarrassment of missing a huge story). So by the end of the year, they decided to select Charles Lindberg as the "Man of the Year." In 1999 the title was changed to the "Person" of the year. Regardless of what you call it, to read the list of people who have been named with cause you to raise your eyebrows IF this person has "improved" life.
• To use the title "Man of Christmas" in this culture would conjure up images of a man with a white beard, a red suit, and known to say "Ho, Ho, Ho." While Santa Claus has a prominent place in this culture, He is NOT the real man of Christmas.
• I want us to consider the real "MAN OF CHRISTMAS" and how He has not just made our lives better but He has actually come to give us real life for now and in eternity. The real man of Christmas is the one for who birthday it is, the one who gets the least attention, and the one who receives the fewest gifts. His name is Jesus. (TEXT)
• Where does Jesus fit in your Christmas celebration? Is He the centerpiece or is He an afterthought? On assignment from God, Jesus came for at least two purposes.
1. He Came To Reveal - The word reveal literally means 'to be exposed'. For years we have watched the show, "Let's Make a Deal." The question was "Do you want what is behind curtain #1, #2, or #3?" And the answer was "I want them all!" Actually, the contestant selected one curtain and then the curtain was opened to reveal what they had won. (Actually, they saw what they had won ONLY AFTER they saw what they had lost.) Jesus came to reveal or to pull back the curtain and show God to this world. This world desperately needed, and it seems, still needs an authentic view of who God is. If we'll take a close look at this baby in the manger, Jesu ...

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