by Rex Yancey

Tell Me the Story of Jesus
Rex Yancey
Isaiah 9:6-7

When we look at this passage of Scripture, we see Christmas words. Isaiah paints a word picture 700 years before the birth of Christ. He dipped his pen in the ink of inspiration and gave us the gospel in the OT.
A child is born refers to the humanity of Christ. He was 100% human. He had a human kind of birth. There have been plenty down through the years who have taught that he was not really human. But he was.
Isaiah gives him double names in this passage of Scripture. There are hundreds of name for God in the bible. Each of the names adds information that helps us to understand something about the nature of God.
A Son is given refers to his deity. He was fully divine.
1. He was wonderful in his person.
Wonderful has to do with miraculous. All the prophets were human in their nature and less than perfect. We can see flaws in Moses, Elijah. There is nothing detrimental said about Joseph and Daniel in the bible. But we know they were not perfect.
-He was both compassionate and authoritative. The common people received him gladly.
-He was without sin. He was not snooty. He did not looked down his nose at the down and outs or the up and outs. He was caring. He was considerate. He was winsome.
Think of the best person you know with the best personality and that person would not come close to Jesus.
2. He was wonderful in his preaching.
-John 7:46 "The officers answered, never did a man speak the way this man speaks." I would love to have heard Jesus speak. I have heard some great orators in my day. People like Angel Martinez, W.A. Criswell, R. G. Lee, Adrian Rogers, Junior Hill and others. However, none of them would come close to being the preacher Jesus was.
¬-Jesus was a teacher/preacher. One may not be able to define a good teacher or a good preacher. But one knows one when he hears one. Jesus was everything rolled into one.
-Dr. Travis wa ...

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