by Duane Bemis

Prophetic Masterpiece of Christmas
Dr. Duane Bemis

I heard a voice calling from on high, "Only our magnificent Creator could first paint the shadow of an object to define the real object-our Savior Jesus Christ born of a virgin." And I knew that this was going to be another great scriptural adventure, this time for the Christmas Season.
As an artist I understood the statement that I heard from Heaven. I know this shadow thing all too well. When you take a blank canvas and begin painting you never start with the shadows. You start with the real objects for they determine where the shadows are going to be placed. Take a still life painting as an example. You start with a light source, and then arrange your real objects. Let us say for the sake of this demonstration you have a bowl of mixed fruit. You place the bowl on the table and then you start to paint. You paint from the farthest back towards the front. You start with the furthest back piece of fruit and work your way to the front. But you never start with the shadows first, but with the real fruit. Then according to the real objects, such as a banana and from that real object comes the shape of your banana shadow.
In the cover design this is why I drew the shadow under the baby Jesus as a cross. This is why I drew a crown on His head for He is the King of kings.
Only our magnificent Master Creator would start with the prophetic shadow first. God painted this prophetic shadow on His blank canvas to prove to all that He is the real thing. God's painted shadow, of good things to come, points everyone to our Jesus Christ born of the Virgin Mary.
Are you ready to begin looking at God's prophetic shadow about Christmas? Yes, the timeless story of Christmas that many of us learned in our youth. Because there was no room in the inn, baby Jesus way lying in a manger. The story of His virgin mother Mary and His father Joseph who placed her on the donkey so they could go to Bethlehem. Yes, are you ready to d ...

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