by Duane Bemis

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Introduction - Where Is My Resting Place? (1 of 3)
Series: Where Is My Resting Place?
Duane Bemis
Isaiah 66: 1-24

I was once again in the middle of a vision that touched my heart so deeply that I have been chewing on this spiritual meat for more than a year.
My wife and I brought a satellite campus of Vision International University to Big Spring, Texas. One of our university students also had a God given dream and her dream speaks to the issue of spiritual meat vs. spiritual milk. Listen to her dream:
Our student, Andrea said, "I had a dream and I climbed up into a big high-chair and in front of me was this four foot chunk of cooked meat. I began to take bites out of this meat which was more like beef jerky. I chewed and chewed and then finally, after I obtained all the juices out of it, I swallowed. I then awoke and asked the Lord what is the meaning of this dream. The Lord responded, 'Time to grow up and start eating spiritual meat instead of your constant wanted diet of spiritual milk.'"
This book you are about to read is spiritual meat that will truly challenge your thinking and your spiritual diet. What you are about to read came from a vision that I had over a span of many days.
Godly visions and dreams are evidence that God is pouring out His Spirit upon all flesh. In front of you is a God given vision that is Spiritual 'beef jerky' from the Lord of Heaven. Take your time to chew and chew upon this divine meat and don't swallow until every drop of juice, nourishment, and flavor has been tasted and enjoyed.
Isaiah 66 is full of great spiritual truths and if you will listen and look for the heart-of-God you will find it laced in the following words. The heart of God has been penned by Isaiah many, many, and I mean many years ago. Come with me on another spiritual adventure into the Old Testament scriptures to find another facet of God's heart revealed.

The words that are BOLD have Scriptural references for a deeper understanding. In the ...

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