by Jerry Watts

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The Miracle of Christmas (1 of 3)
Series: Signs of the Times
Jerry Watts
Isaiah 7:14

''Signs of the times'', who has ever heard the phrase? What does it make you think of? The second coming? Generally, but not necessarily. Candidly, the entirety of the Old Testament gave signs of the coming Messiah.

We are beginning a 3 part series on Christmas which is the first coming, not the second. Let's read our TEXT.

This verse is very familiar and begins with 'therefore' which refers to the story of 3 Kings; Ahaz of Judah, Rezin of Aram and Pekah of Israel. King Rezin and King Pekah formed an alliance which made a powerful force and created a two against one situation. They were powerful and Judah was so afraid that King Ahaz reached out for help in the wrong place and it had LONG TERM affects. The Cliff notes are: When Pekah and Rezin joined forces against Ahaz, he become so afraid that he surrendered himself to the vicious and evil Assyrian King Tiglath-pileser. (2 Kgs 16) NOTE: you will never make a deal with the devil without paying a huge price. The cost is extremely high.

In the midst of his fear, Ahaz heard from God (Vs 3-13)

I submit Ahaz was either incredibly brave, stupid, or ??!

The verse says, ''The Lord Himself will give sign.'' Think about 'signs.' If you are a deer hunter the signs that are left by a deer indicates he's been there, he's close by, and quite likely he'll be back. I suggest this is exactly God's message for us in this Christmas season; He's been here, He's close by, and He'll be back. A Miracle!

Consider the Miracle of Christmas in 3 thoughts:

1. THE PEOPLE HE DESIGNATED - Nothing is more amazing to me than the cast he chose for that inaugural Christmas. The Christmas story begins to unfold in Luke 1. Never forget, ''God's word is living, powerful, and active which means we can learn many life lessons. The Angels are no real surprise, but does Mary, Joseph, and Shepherds surprise anyone but me? .

We begin with th ...

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