by Jerry Watts

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God for Us (4 of 5)
Series: Words of Warning
Jerry Watts
Joel 2:18-32

• I begin and end today with one thought- "GOD IS FOR US"! That is, God is for His people. Those who are blood-bought, born-again, and redeemed. God is for us in that He wants the best for all His children.
• Lest I be misunderstood, for those who are not a member of the 'family of God', God is for you also. He is so much for you that He allowed Jesus, His one and only Son, to be used and abused to the point of death for you. Jesus died on the cross for your sins which means your penalty of sin has been paid by Jesus' death. He rose from the grave to give you new life. The incredible part is that; with all of this being done by God, He requires a decision from you. He is for you in that He desires for you to accept His offer of forgiveness through His Son. It is only in that decision you can bourn, bought, and adopted into God's family! Then there exists an entirely NEW way in which God is for you. He is now not simply your creator, He now becomes your heavenly Father. As such, you become the 'apple of His eye.' He desires for you to become all you were created to become.
• Additionally, as we have read in our text, God will then go to the mat for you! I mean, He has already gone to the grave so what more can He do? Here what more He does: He stands for us in the time of His greatest judgment! In reading the prophecy of Joel, we discover that when time draws to a close, God will judge the sin and unbelief found in this world and He will judge them harshly. He will do this because God cannot and will not tolerate sin in His presence now or in the world to come.
• That being said, God goes the extra step to protect His people through the judgment. Last week, God called for repentance from the corrupt ways which His people had embraced and then made a plea for fasting, weeping, and mourning. In other ways, He desired for His people to be sorry enough for their sin tha ...

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