by Jerry Watts

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The Final Chapter (5 of 5)
Series: Words of Warning
Jerry Watts
Joel 3:1-21

• Over the years many movies that carried the title- "THE FINAL CHAPTER." Generally, with these words comes a sense of finality. Additionally, when we get to the final chapter in a book we are reading we know that our reading time is short, that the complete story has been told, and if it has any kind of 'mystery' in its plot-that mystery will be revealed. Final chapters carry a sense of mixed emotions.
• Having made our way through the Prophecy of Joel, we not only complete the book but we also catch a glimpse of end-time judgment. One of the truths about God word seems to be that the teaching on the end of days should serve not only as a 'warning' but also an 'encouragement' to the people of God. Candidly, it is easy to get the sense that the forces of evil have the upper hand on earth. While this is not particularly true, it is easy to be lulled into sensing this. The story of the end time events serve to remind us that a great day is coming when evil (I.E. sin, selfishness, self-economy, persecution of the saints and more) will be dealt with by Jehovah God so it serves as both an encouragement for the child of God who walks with and lives for God and it serves as a warning for those who do not walk with God.
• In reviewing, praying through, and studying this text, I see a 'reiteration' of other parts of the book of Joel. This "Final Chapter" gives insight into the "Final Chapter" of humanity, it divides very easily into 2 thoughts;
1. The Judgment of God - Look at these four words and allow them to burn into your mind. Americans, by and large, don't care to hear about this subject because it can warp our sense of "a loving God." Well, at least this seems to be the mantra of the day. Yet, like it or not and ready or not, God's judgment is a truth from which we cannot escape. In verse 2 we read, "The Valley of Jehoshaphat" and some will wonder about the location of ...

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