by Stan Coffey

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What to Do When You Need a Miracle (2 of 13)
Series: When We Ask What
Dr. Stan Coffey
II Chronicles 20:3-22


Open your Bible to II Chronicles Chapter 20. We are going to begin in just a moment in verse one.

There are many times in life when a church needs a miracle. We have been at that point on many occasions in the life of our church and we have seen God work miracles. Undeniably things have happened that could not be explained apart from God's intervention in the situation.

In your own life, I'm sure, there are times when you needed a miracle and the Lord worked mightily to work out a situation that you thought might be unworkable and impossible in the circumstance.

Jehoshaphat, king of Israel, found himself in the need of a miracle. There were three enemy kings who made an alliance and their alliance was for the purpose of destroying Israel, destroying Jehoshaphat, and overcoming the entire nation. Just one of these

enemies would have been a formidable opponent, but not one but three came against him. So any one of these three would have been a stronger army than King Jehoshaphat had but it is not just one stronger army but three stronger armies combined together to destroy the nation of Israel.

You know, prophetically over and over and over again it is repeated in the Bible that nations have tried to destroy, obliterate, and stomp out the nation of Israel. Wherever Israel has gone, wherever the Jew has gone, he has been a reproach to the

peoples around him and that is because Satan knows that God has a plan for Israel and so Satan is constantly stirring up the enemies of Israel because he would like to see Israel destroyed. Why? Because Israel is the object of God's love.

In the Old Testament, the Bible says. "Jacob have I loved" and so God has a special place in His plan in the end times for Israel because He has raised her up, He has established her as a nation, once again after hundreds and hundreds of years ...

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