by Stan Coffey

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What Is The Point Of Life (7 of 13)
Series: When We Ask What?
Dr. Stan Coffey
Ecclesiastes 1:1-5

I. Life Is Meaningless
Ii. Life Seems Tiresome
Iii. Life Is Unfulfilling
Iv. Life Seems Insignificant

Today I want to invite your attention to Ecclesiastes, the book of Ecclesiastes. You will find it among the wisdom books of the Bible or the poetry books as they are called at times and Psalms, Proverbs, Song of Solomon, and the Ecclesiastes. We are going to begin in Chapter One in Verse One.

The question today is a question that is asked by every person of every generation, no matter what the time in the history of mankind has been. That question is this - what is the point of life? Does life have any meaning? Does life have any real purpose?

The one posing the question in this portion of the Bible is Solomon. Solomon is the author of the book of Ecclesiastes. It does not use his name but it does tell us who he is in verse one that he is the son of David, King in Jerusalem.

There is only one son of David who fits the description of a person who could write the words that we find here and who details his life and from his life we can tell it is only one of David's sons and it has to be Solomon because the one who wrote Ecclesiastes was very wise, very wealthy, and was one who was a man of great power and a great influence in the world. That only could be King Solomon who succeeded David on the throne in Jerusalem as the Kind of Israel.

Now as we look at this lesson today, as we begin it, it is going to seem like a very negative person, a very skeptical person writing these words. You know the Bible is true to integrity and honesty. The Bible does not try to cover up and present everything in life as sweetness and light and life with no problems.

The Bible does not try to say that its characters are perfect, that they are sinless. So we know that Solomon was a man of great wisdom because when he became king the Lord appeared to ...

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