by Stan Coffey

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What To Do When The Bottom Falls Out (8 of 13)
Series: When We Ask What?
Dr. Stan Coffey
Deuteronomy 32:11


…….what God is doing in the world today. We just witnessed a tragic event in the Middle East with the unprecedented assignation of an Israeli leader, Prime Minister Rabin, and all of these things have to do with prophecy and what God is doing in the world.

I believe the Bible teaches during these days there is going to be a great peace movement in the Middle East. Jesus said there would be a time when people would say peace in safety and Paul said, "Sudden destruction would come upon them."

We have studied in Daniel about the peace treaty that will be made and signed and then be violated. So all of these things certainly suggest that we are living in days when our time is short.

What we also need to see is that at the same time, God is opening the door to the people who have never heard the gospel before. Jesus said the world is going to be evangelized in these times and then the end will come in Matthew 24:14

So we just need to be in prayer for the people of Israel, the state of Israel, the leadership of Israel, and continue to pray for the peace of Jerusalem as well as missionaries. Thank God we have missionaries even there in Israel and Jerusalem. There are missionaries that are telling the story of Jesus Christ.

I want to direct your attention to Deuteronomy 32:9, What to do When the Bottom Falls Out. Jim McGriff shared with us this morning how the bottom fell out in the mission work and it looked as though the devil would have a victory and stop the gospel.

You know many times what the devil means for harm, God means for good. If the bottom is falling out in your life, the bottom has fallen out from under you in your career or in your home or in your hopes and dreams, I want you to consider that God may be working in that thing to accomplish His specific purpose.

Now we have a lesson here from nature and t ...

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