by Stan Coffey

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What To Do With Your Hurts (9 of 13)
Series: When We Ask What?
Dr. Stan Coffey
Hebrews 11:6

I. Acknowledge God's Existence
Ii. Understand God's Character
Iii. God Can Help You In Your Situation
Iv. Accept God's Help

…and you know as we open the word of God to Hebrews Chapter 11, we are going to read in just a moment Verse 6 but we are going to look at several passages of scripture as we talk about what to do with our hurts.

I want you to consider that the source of our hurts and the source of our hurts continuing and one of the ways that we should not try to deal with our hurts in life is by trying to be in control of our circumstances.

One of the reasons we perpetuate our hurts and one of the reasons we cannot get over our hurts and get past our hurts is because we are children of Adam and as children of Adam we want to be in control. We want to manage everything in our life.

We have to realize that we are not God that only God is in control and part of our problem in dealing with our hurts is that we try to manage things ourselves and run things ourselves. When we do that rather than relieve our hurts and help our hurts, we simply perpetuate them

One of the root causes of insecurity is our desire to control things and to control people and to control circumstances. When we find we cannot do that, it causes a lot in our life that makes our hurts even deeper.

We try to control things and it ends up in fear and fatigue and frustration and failure. As we try to break out of those things, many times we try to deal with our hurts by denying them, denying that they are there.

We say, "Well, I have been hurt. I have been disappointed. I have been treated wrongly. I have had some things happen that are devastating to me but I am going to rise above it and it does not really matter."

We try to deny that the hurt is there or we try to excuse ourselves and blame others for our hurt and we try to focus on that person who has h ...

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