by Rich Wooten

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Get a Grip - Covenant (1 of 6)
Series: Get a Grip
Richard Wooten
John 8:36
July 2009

Handling Life in a Difficult World

There is something rewarding about working hard. Whether it's out in the yard pulling weeds (which I actually don't mind too bad), or working on a classic car you are rebuilding from the ground up, painting, or you name it. The sense of accomplishment is a driving force for many of us. To know that you have made a difference in a life, in your property, at you work, because of your effort, it's rewarding. There's nothing wrong with that.

Especially with labor intensive projects, I have found that going an extra step really helps. Take for example pulling weeds. We have LOTS of them in and around our yard. And the one's I like least are the Thistles. They are thorny, and without extra protection, they will really hurt, and go on hurting. The thistles break off and you can feel them making life miserable for you for days. Too small to see, but oh so painful.

Gloves help. In fact, they are required for removing thistles. I think there is a government mandate (or there should be) to pull thistles! But gloves help in so many more cases, splinters, heat, cold, protection from random injuries, and much more.

There is parallel in this for our own lives. Not so sure about your experience, but mine has had moments when the heat has been turned up, the weeds in my life get a little overgrown, the splinters of broken dreams and promises threaten to injure me. Wouldn't gloves for life be nice? A little protection from the dangers are difficulties of the world.

Well, in a strange kind of way, God has provided for us this protection, the gloves, if you will, with which to handle life. Over the next several weeks we will be looking at things in our life that we need to get a grip on. Things like our purity. Like finances. How about relationships? Or maybe attitudes and faith, and our calling? What about the the Bible? ...

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