by Jerry Watts

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Lessons from the Angels (1 of 3)
Series: The Call Of Christmas
Jerry Watts
Luke 2:1-20

• Did you know that Christmas is under attack? It's subtle in some ways and "in your face" in others. Many retailers have attempted to remove "Christmas" from their advertizing in an effort, so they say, of not offending people. Candidly, as a subscriber to the AFA alert list, I have been kept in the loop about these actions and have personally sent nice but pointed emails to several vendors who have opted for the term 'Holidays' instead of "Christmas." Now, we have seen this effort by secularists before as they have attempted to shorten 'Christmas" to 'Xmas.' And believers responded by the "Keep Christ in Christmas" slogan.
• But how did it come to be that one of the most wonderful, happy, and joyous occasions has been almost hijacked? Has the world become so wicked that this is inevitable or is something more at play? That would be the easy answer, but it is probably not true as wickedness has always been with us. We might find the answer inside the collective body of believers.
• The life of a believer is a life upon which God has placed demands. God sent Jesus into this wicked world that we should be 'salt' and 'light' in this dark world. We are called to make a difference and no other time is this truth more at the forefront than at Christmas time. Ours is a life of calling and when that calling goes largely unanswered, the world gets in trouble. All of "isms" can take over.
• Christmas reminds us of the "calls" we are given. Today, we begin a 3-part series entitled, "The Call of Christmas." We'll talk about 3 players in this original Christmas story. Today, let look at Angels.
• Consider this with me, "the most important announcements in all history" God seemed to entrust to angels. When Abraham had Isaac on the altar, it was an Angel of God which spoke to Him and stopped the sacrifice. Moses approached the burning bush in Exodus 3 and it was a ...

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