by Jerry Watts

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A New People (1 of 2)
Series: The Need For Today
Jerry N Watts
Acts 1:3-8
November 27, 2011

• Do you ever feel like you need something NEW? A deer hunter may need a new bow, a woman may need new clothes, a golfer may need new clubs, or even a person may need a new JOB! To look on the national political scene is to understand the need for NEW. The new not only has an appeal but an effect. When you look at this culture, you get the feeling that without a new approach to life and living, as a society, we will get more of what we have and it won't be good.
• This world needs a new type of people who sees things differently than the norm. We need a people who will give rather than take, who will be unselfish rather than be uncaring, and those who will love rather than hate.
• Jesus knew if this world would ever be reconciled to the Heavenly Father, then what would be needed was indeed a different, a changed, and a new people. He came to transform lives. Plus His entire life was spent developing His disciples into this new type of person. He taught them to be people of faith, that is, people who lived, walked, talked, and acted on faith.
• Knowing Jesus desires, take a peek inside of today's church and ask yourself these questions, "Do I see a new type of people inside the church? Are we (am I) a people who is being used of God to change this culture?" The world still needs this New People and God has called US to be just what the world needs! Let's read about Jesus last moments on earth and hear Him clearly.
• (READ TEXT) Consider some context of this scripture; after the crucifixion, all the believers headed for cover. They were afraid and, in that condition, were not going to change anything! They were on the run!
• After the resurrection they became a little bolder. Now they had seen the living Christ and were their courage was returning. Jesus knew that "fraidy cat" followers were not going to cut it. Because there was a big job to be d ...

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