by Jerry Watts

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A New People (2 of 2)
Series: The Need For Today
Jerry N Watts
Acts 1:3-8
November 27, 2011

• Many times you have heard me say this in some form or fashion, but it is true so I'll say it again, "This world needs a new type of people." It is the result of the "Old man" running things that has run us into the ground. On every hand, we witness the decay and disintegration the American culture, which was once the envy of the world. Today, the lack of ethics in business, the lack of conviction in government, and the lack of morals in the culture has us on a collision course with a fate which we don't want. Without a change in direction, without new ethics and moral, and without a different type of people, hope is dim.
• To meet Christ is to become a new person, one that is different from the rest of the world, and one that should make a difference in the rest of the world.
• This morning we talked about "GOD'S PROMISE" which is the Holy Spirit and how, if we are to be God's New People, we must be filled and controlled by the Spirit of God. In this text they are told to 'wait'. How long should they wait? The believers in the upper waited, sought God, and prayed for 10 days!
• If we do, when God shows up He'll find us, fill us, focus us, and even fire us up to fulfill His mission. It is at this point that we become "a new people." Let's re-read our text.
• Every time I read this text, I am stunned with the responsibility which the Lord Jesus has given to His followers, to me, and to us. His words are 'wait' and 'go'. We wait for His Spirit and then go in His Spirit. Last time we spoke of God's Promise.
1. God's People - It is a popular thing in the South and even inside to the church to refer to ourselves as "God's People." Yet, there are some serious implications to being "God's People." In the Old Testament on more than one occasion we witnessed God's judgment on His people. Words and places like Kadesh-Barnea, the Wilderness, and even AI, re ...

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