by J. Gerald Harris

To Which Kingdom Do You Belong?
J. Gerald Harris
Romans 14:17

Frederick the Great, of Prussia, was in the habit of visiting schools in his country to satisfy himself that they were doing a proper job of teaching the children.

On one occasion he singled out a little girl, held up a stone in front of her, and asked, "To which kingdom does this stone belong?"

The little girl thought for a moment and said, "It belongs to the mineral kingdom?"

The King nodded in agreement and posed another question to the child. Holding up an apple he asked, "And to which kingdom does this apple belong?"
"To the plant kingdom, " the girl replied.

Next, the king pointed to a picture of a horse and asked, "To which does this horse belong?"

Then, after a pause, she said, "It belongs to the animal kingdom?"

Now, I want to ask you a question: to which kingdom do you belong? I hope you are not investing your life in some earthly kingdom, some temporary enterprise, or some passing fancy. I hope you are not trying to push your own private agenda or some personal kingdom, because Revelation 11:15 says, "The kingdoms of this world are become the Kingdoms of our Lord, and of his Christ; and he shall reign forever and ever."

Listen beloved, "the only kingdom that will prevail in this world is the kingdom that is not of this world."

The Kingdom of God does not exist because of your effort or mine. It exists because God reigns. And the entrance fee into the Kingdom of God is nothing; but the annual subscription is all we possess.

Now we have been challenged by our denomination to be a kingdom people, to have kingdom families and build kingdom churches.

There are three fundamental things I want us to see in this passage of Scriptures. First of all notice:


Notice how the Apostle Paul begins this verse. He says, "For the Kingdom of God". The Kingdom of God is very important in the Word of God. For example, in Matthew you ...

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