by J. Gerald Harris

When The Jailhouse Rocked
Gerald Harris
Acts 16:25-34

Once there was a dairy farmer who went to buy a new pick up truck. He had seen an ad in the paper about discounts and factory rebates. So, he decided to trade in his old clunker. He chose a new model and was ready to write a check.

The salesman said, "Wait. I haven't given you the final cost yet."

The farmer said, "I saw the price advertised in the paper."

The salesman said, "Oh. That's for the basic model. All the options cost extra."

So the farmer drove off in his new pick up.

A few months later, the salesman called the farmer because
he wanted to buy a cow for his son's 4-H project. The farmer assured the car salesman he had several good milk cows for sale for $500. The salesman drove out and selected the cow that he wanted and took out his checkbook.

The farmer said, "Wait. I haven't given you the final cost yet." Then he handed the salesman a bill that read:

Basic cow $500
Two-tone Exterior $45
Extra Stomach $75
Milk Storage Compartment $60
Straw Recycle Compartment $120
4 Handy Spicketts @ $10 each $40
Leather Upholstery $125
Dual horns $45
Automatic Fly Swatter $38
Fertilizer Attachment $185

Now, whether you are buying cars or cows, it is important to get what we call "the bottom line." And in this message, we are going to get the bottom line. I mean the bottom line question is found in verse 31 of our text where the Philippian jailer asks, "Sirs, what must I do to be saved?"

Now let me give you a little bit of background. The apostle Paul lived in a perpetual state of revival. In the sixteenth chapter of the Book of Acts, Paul was responding to a vision. There was a man of Macedonia who stood before him in this vision and said, "Come over into Macedonia and help us."

Paul responded to that plea for spiritual help and went to Macedonia and entered into the city of Philippi, which was the ...

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