by J. Gerald Harris

Trusting God in a Crisis
Gerald Harris
Matthew 14: 22-36

You have voted to relocate Liberty Baptist Church and build a new facility. For what it is worth, I think that is a wonderful idea. I believe will give the church a greater visibility in this area. I believe it will give the church the space needed for growth. I believe it will generate excitement within the fellowship. I believe it will give some leverage to the pastor search committee as they seek out a new pastor; and any prospective pastor who is worth his salt will be encouraged to see a church that is demonstrating faith and that is on the move.

Now, this morning I want us to look at a demonstration of faith in the life of Simon Peter. Simon Peter was a lot of things. He was boisterous. He was impetuous -- impulsive. Sometimes he was even profane, but he was never complacent. He was never satisfied with the status quo.

As we look at our text, we discover that it is illustrative of the adventuresome spirit and the amazing faith of Simon Peter.

After preaching to a great multitude of people, Jesus went up into a mountain to pray. The disciples had been sent out back across the lake. It was somewhere between three o'clock and six o'clock in the morning.

One of the sudden storms, for which the Sea of Galilee was notorious, had come down, and they were struggling against the winds and the waves, and they were making very little progress. As the night wore on, Jesus began to walk down from the mountain. As the lightning flashed across the sky, He saw the disciples and their perilous plight upon the sea. He came walking upon the waves of the sea and toward the boat. His sudden appearance upon the water caught the disciples off guard and they were terrified when they saw Him, thinking at first it was a ghost or an apparition.

But when Simon Peter realized that it was the Lord, he lowered himself from the ship to walk on the water toward Christ in the midst of that tempestuous sea.

Peter ...

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