by J. Gerald Harris

If the Foundations Be Destroyed
Gerald Harris
Psalm 11: 1-7

On August 1, 2007 the I-35 Saint Anthony Falls Bridge spanning the Mississippi River collapsed in the city of Minneapolis. The bridge plunged onto the banks and into the river during rush hour at 6:05 CST sending many cars into the water. Thirteen people died and 100 were injured. Engineering experts reported that the bridge simply illustrated the dire state of America's disintegrating infrastructure.

Last year a federal commission put a jaw-dropping price tag on what it would cost to start to repair America's crumbling foundations - $225 billion a year for the next 50 years just to maintain and upgrade surface transportation. Many politicians agree that we need to repair the nation's crumbling infrastructure.

When the physical infrastructure and the material foundations of a nation are in peril that is tragic to be sure. But I am even more concerned about the intangible foundations that are being destroyed in America today - the foundations of faith and wisdom and character upon which our nation was founded.

Foundations are vitally important. Jesus illustrated this in the Sermon on the Mount. He told a parable about one man who built his house upon the sand. That house was destroyed because it had a faulty foundation. Another man built his house upon a rock. The house built upon the rock endured the raging storms and howling winds because it had a firm foundation.

But let us look at our text. Palm 11 is a Psalm of David. This Psalm was written when David was married to Saul's daughter Michal; and when Saul's son, Jonathan, was David's steadfast friend. It was also that time when the nation was cheering louder for David than it did for Saul. All these things increased Saul's suspicions and spite. More than once he threw a javelin at David in a fit of demonic hate.
It was during this dangerous, nerve-racking period in his life that David wrote Psalm 11. It is an appropriate psalm for tho ...

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