by Jerry Branch

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Introduction to Faith: Planted to Grow (1 of 7)
Series: Faith: Planted to Grow
Jerry Branch
James 1:1-5

(Companion Study: Faith: Planted to Grow © 2011, Dallas Baptist Church and Gerald Branch ISBN: 978-1-61364-255-9)
Focus Text: James 1:1-5
Let me tell you, folks…I'm really pumped up and excited about what God is doing with us here at DBC…If you haven't guessed already, I'm excited about
our New Bible Study that starts NEXT WEEK…
And that's even though I'm not sure exactly what we're going to see
come out of this study, I'm hoping that we'll see God start a lot of new groups out of this…but even though none of us may see any noticeable immediate results…Us seeing IMMEDIATE results is not what is important…
I believe that what is important
is that we knew that God wanted us to do this study,
and we knew that God had something in mind
for DBC…and we just had to step out in faith, and obey,
and that makes it exciting to be part of whatever it is
that God is doing…just like Abraham, and Paul, and James,
and many other people of faith experienced excitement in
their walk as they responded in faith and pleased God…AMEN???
Well, as you know by now, Next Sunday, Sunday, October 9,
we launch our Small Group DVD Bible Study Campaign,
which we've named, "Faith, Planted to Grow".
I really think this subject called, "FAITH," is a very appropriate subject
for us to deal with in depth…First, We've all had to trust God right down to the wire in just about every area of this study,
from writing it,
to getting acceptable book files for the printer,
to video editing, to getting the books printed,
and so on, hmmm…I'm glad now we choose to do the study on FAITH, and I guess it's a good thing
we didn't decide to do a study on 'SUFFERING.'
Moving on….Anyway…Faith is something all of us should want to see growing
in our lives, because God tells us in Hebrews 11 that without Faith ...

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