by Jerry Branch

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Live a Real Faith Walk with Jesus! (6 of 7)
Series: Faith: Planted to Grow
Jerry Branch
Luke 17:5-6
Nov. 6, 2011

(Companion Study: Faith: Planted to Grow © 2011, Dallas Baptist Church and Gerald Branch ISBN: 978-1-61364-255-9)
Text: Luke 17:5-6
Review the faith principles:
• In whom do you put your trust…the #1 thing…(Jesus)
• We need to HEAR the Lord's Voice and know it is Him
• Obedience to God's voice: get out of the boat
• our faith should GROW
• a very small amount of faith can accomplish much
• living out our faith, is in DIRECT PROPORTION to our trusting God
Lord, please increase our faith…is that YOUR prayer too?
This week, you'll be approaching the study and session 5 a little differently.
I'll still be doing some of the teaching on the DVD,
but I'm also going to have some of the teaching done through real,
current, LIFE-stories from some of our people.
And all of them show us how God worked in their lives
to bring them to the place where they would ask the Lord
to do just like the disciples did… "Lord, increase our faith."
There are TWO questions though, that you and I have to ask ourselves,
and these are probably the TWO biggest and toughest questions
you'll have to answer in your walk with Jesus…
At various times, we all have to come to ask ourselves,
1. "Do I really want this to happen?"
2. And IF I do, then am I willing to allow God
to do whatever He needs to in my life to grow my faith,
and will I obey Him?
You might be at one of those points right now in your own life.
Do you really want to increase your faith?
As a senior adult…do you?
As a middle adult…do you?
As a young adult…do you?
As a teenager…do you?

Ok…well, the disciples apparently wanted more faith
which is why they asked Jesus what they did.
As I thought about that as I read that passage,
I really had to ask, Why do I think they wanted more?
In other words, what stimulated them asking that question?
We can actuall ...

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