by Tony Nester

Elijah's Journey
Tony Nester
1 Kings 19:1-19

What is the spiritual journey like? Are you still on yours?

If you're looking for easy answers about the spiritual life, the Bible's not your book. Better that you shop at the self-help section of the nearest book store. There you can find books whose cover show smiling authors beaming with the glow of success, health, and wealth. Their books outline three or five or seven steps to the blessed life which you are sure to find if you follow their advice.

The Bible isn't such a book, and the Elijah story is a good example of this key truth: your spiritual journey might become more difficult than you ever expected it to become.

So said it Elijah in verse 4: He asked that he might die: ''It is enough; now, O LORD, take away my life ….'' The NIV translation brings says it better, giving us more of the emotional meaning of the Hebrew wording: ''I had enough!''

People often say that God doesn't put more on us than we can bear, but Elijah counters that:
• ''I've had enough;
• I can't bear anymore;
• I'm ready to die.''

Bible study will show you how unexpected, how strange, is Elijah's complaint.

In the run up to Chapter 19 Elijah has demonstrated himself to be one of the most powerful of all the prophets in the Bible:
• he has performed miracles through prayer,
• brought a dead child back to life,
• and in Chapter 18 wins a stunning battle with pagan prophets - the prophets of the Baal and Asheroth - by bringing fire down from heaven.
• And after all that he runs like the wind on foot for seventeen miles ahead of King Ahab's chariot.

But in Chapter 19, after hearing that Ahab's Queen, Jezebel, has threatened him with death for killing her favorite prophets, Elijah is filled with fear and runs for his life.

Elijah escapes from the northern area of Israel and travels to Beersheba - the southernmost town in Judah. There he discharges his servant and goes further south into the ...

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