by Zach Terry

3rd John
Zach Terry
3 John

Series Introduction: We are in a series through the shortest books of the New Testament; we are calling the series Subscribing to Truth.

The Apostles maintained a relationship with the Christians in the churches they planted in various areas through a steady stream of letters, through which the lead and coached the congregation in the truth. In much the same way that we attempt to coach you through the week through blogs, podcast, emails, etc.

Some of their letters were quite long, those where often dictated to a scribe by the Apostle. Others were quite short, not much longer than the average blog. Typically they were written on parchment which was aprox. 8'10 inches. The letters we are reading in this series all could probably fit on a single sheet of parchment.

Introduction: Unless you're Amish, you've probably know that LeBron James is the least popular man in Cleveland. In an open letter to the fans Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert called James, narcissistic, cowardly and even cursed as he makes the move to Miami.

Why? Why do people feel so strongly about LeBron James?

Well apparently a lot is on the line. A national championship, a winning season, literally millions of dollars will change hands over LeBron's decision. When a lot is on the line people feel strongly.

The Church is no stranger to passionate feelings. Why? A lot is on the line.

We deal in matters of eternal significance
We deal in matters of the heart
We deal in relationships both with God and man

Since a lot is on the line, when a Christian holds a position he rarely does so lightly.

A Study of Church History reveals that we are constantly trying to strike a balance but our tendency is to drift toward extremes.

ASCETICS - The ascetics are an example of this - They take the verses that speak of separation from the World. They read of John the Baptist who lived in the Dessert on a very strict diet and they say, ''Ok, you want to be ...

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