by Zach Terry

Guard What You Have Obtained
Zach Terry
2 John

Turn if you would to the shortest book in your bible the book of 2nd John. It's right after 1st John and right before 3rd John, but you are a bright group so I expect you have already figured that out.

SERIES INTRODUCTION: We are launching a series through the shortest books of the New Testament; we are calling the series Subscribing to Truth.

The Apostles maintained a relationship with the Christians in the churches they planted in various areas through a steady stream of letters, through which the lead and coached the congregation in the truth. In much the same way that we attempt to coach you through the week through blogs, podcast, emails, etc.

Some of their letters were quite long, those where often dictated to a scribe by the Apostle. Others were quite short, not much longer than the average blog. Typically they were written on parchment which was aprox. 8'10 inches. The letters we are reading in this series all could probably fit on a single sheet of parchment.
2 JOHN INTRO: Since many people tend to avoid long and difficult books like Leviticus and Revelation one would expect that the shortest books would be the most read and understood, but that's not the case at all. I'm sure many of use would be hard pressed to quote a single verse out of 2nd John - or to give the main idea of Jude. Well, I have found these to be fascinating and intensely helpful books and I want to share them with you in the next few Sunday's together.


John was the younger son of a fisherman named Zebedee who had a wife called Salome. They had at least two sons. An older son named James and a younger named John. Silome had a sister named Mary who was the earthy mother of our Lord Jesus Christ. Thus John the author and Jesus were first cousins.

• John became a disciple not because he was Jesus' cousin, but because Jesus called him from fishing on the Sea of Galilee and John responded and followed Jesus ...

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