by Zach Terry

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Dirty Religion (6 of 16)
Series: James
Zach Terry
James 1:26-27

Opening Illustration:
The clear Pantheistic overtones aside, James Cameron's fictional world Pandora (as depicted in his blockbuster film Avatar) is said to be so breathtaking that many report leaving the theater in depression once they realize that the real world they live in is so far less than that of Pandora.

Solomon tells us that eternity is set within the heart of man. I think that we look at the world around us and we know intrinsically that there is something more out there than what we can see.

The exit polls at movies like Avatar are proof of man's yearning for something new, better, different.
• A new and better world
• A tree of life
• A new birth experience
• A noble brotherhood

Not surprising that people catch a glimpse of that world and leave the theater in depression.

Christianity is supposed to have that same affect. You and I are to be an example of something new, something better, something different, we should be a glimpse into another world. Yet far too often those making a claim to Christianity are clothed in the filthy garments of man made religion.

It is the epitome of false advertisement to claim to know Jesus while being nothing like Him.

MYTH - You can worship Jesus without being like Jesus.

It does great harm both to you and to those who know your claim to religion to claim to know Jesus while being nothing like Him. JAMES - gives us three tests to see if we have a pure and undefiled religion or if we have dirty religion.

First of all - Let's define religion.
It's basically used two ways in the New Testament. One negative and one positive.
• Paul uses the term religion to describe his life before Christ.
• James uses the term to describe our outward expression of our inward relationship.

TEXT: James 1:26-27 (NASB95)
26 If anyone thinks himself to be religious, and yet does not bridle his tongue but deceives his own heart, ...

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