by Zach Terry

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Trials are Bad (2 of 16)
Series: James
Zach Terry
James 1:2-18

We are in a series of messages through the New Testament book of James that we are calling, "Destroying the Myths that Threaten the Christian Soul".

Context: Remember last week we said that, the Church at Jerusalem had grown suddenly and dramatically. Jesus left his followers, 120 in number and told them to tarry in Jerusalem until they received the promised Holy Spirit. When Pentecost had fully come the Holy Spirit arrived as promised.

Sending the Holy Spirit on Pentecost was evangelistically strategic, because while Jerusalem was the largest city in Israel, it was filled to capacity with people during Pentecost. Remember that during the Assyrian and Babylonian occupation all 12 of the tribes of Israel had been displaced and many were taken into exile. So, Jewish communities existed throughout much of the known world. Thousands of those Jews as well as Jewish Proselytes would have sojourned to the city in order to worship God on Pentecost a large Jewish holiday.

Remember that when the Holy Spirit came; the congregation spoke in tongues - various languages they had not previously learned. So a great miracle occurred, thousands heard the sound and rushed to see what was happening.

Peter stood and preached an incredibly bold message indicting the crowd for crucifying the Messiah. That day some 3000 souls were added to their number. Now those 3000 didn't all remain in Jerusalem, many traveled back to their home towns. Back to Rome, back to Mesopotamia, back to Cappadocia, back to Asia. As the Apostles traveled on their missionary journeys, legitimate Churches were established throughout the known world.

Last week we discovered that as time passed, James our author rose in prominence and became the lead Pastor of the Church at Jerusalem. A strategic position as all of the other Churches looked toward Jerusalem for doctrinal clarity and Missional direction.

They main ...

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